"Absent Friends" (Bill and nude Zoey, Watchmen inspired, sort of)

Just noticed that I conveniently placed them both in the centre of the picture…thats usually a no no, but it will have to do now. I just can’t be bothered. Enjoy



dude this is so awesome
by the way where did you get the nude zoey from


Look in the original.

It’t not a nude zoey model. Its one of FF models, i just put Zoeys head on it.

I’ll repeat myself, where did you get that nude… oh wait, it’s Alyx

holy shit you’re right

Sad. Most of these post are about the nude Zoey, FP you never cease to disppoint me. Editing looks lovely.


Awesome editing, where can I snag that Alyx model?

It’s not a model. It’s just great editing that goes far beyond the terrible standards of FP.

dude this is so awesome

Watchmen inspired? The only Watchmen things I see is the word and and the button.

Zoey kind of looks like Angelina Jolie in the unedited picture…

She kind of does.

It’s uncanny!

omg, awesome


‘‘Inspiration’’, look it up.

must have ragdoll :smiley: put it on garrysmod.org I download it in a heartbeat

You haven’t seen watchmen, have you?