Absolut Generic.

:siren: Yes I know the poses are BAD, this is a parody thread, people!:siren:

**With generic… anything is possible…


It does not matter what it is, because with generic…


It is all about how it looks, and how it feels, and how it applies to your mind…


It does not matter if your picture is boring or if there is any life in it at all…


Generic… gives it that life. That power of being alive. The life of being alive…


But that is not all, it gives you that feel whenever Picasso painted or when Mozart made music.


And how it-- FINALLY! You actually get to see Mr. Offscreen for once!**




Drink it.


No harsh feelings, HunterDNRC, Chesty, Vman, Ben_Wolfe, Urbanator, Zeraxify, Tlsaudrl, Ddok, and The Combine.

The map choice is incredibly boring and the posing is flawed, the last is probably the best one in here.

It’s supposed to.

Since when have I made a generic pic?

looks like Ghost has downs

You guys do realize this is a joke right. He’s just messing with the people that do some of the more serious poses that everyone started doing.

Mmmm, that’s some sexy music right there. Spent like 30 secs on the pictures, and then I waited for the music to be over. Fuck yeah, anything is possible!

Yes! Finally, this is exactly what im trying to do here.

Bwahaha… very nice work F T… I chuckled, nice posing too.

Nice. I get so tired of the people who just make nothing but a MW2 model shooting at someone offscreen. I wish people could use their creativity.

Oh, but I don’t do generics anymore :v:

This situation sucks.
Nothing I could say against it.

the poses are kinda generic




No seriously I think you should look at our recent thread history.



And the most creative and least generic picture to ever grace the section (hurr):


no i laughed

Don’t you downs me you dick sucker.

Says the guy with 65 posts.