Absolute right angle problem on server

So hey guys, i didn’t know where to ask, but i have a problem, it may look small, but it drives me nuts, and ruins my contraptions(when they complicated and long).
So problem is that, i cannot get absolute right angle, when i playing on my own server or any other server. But i can get absolute right angle when i playing on single player.

By using precise alignment tool i found that you cannot get perfect 90 degrees angle, it will be around 90.011. BUT not perfect 90! It causes big problems with contraptions which have a long parts, which stays close and attached(or brought close) to each other, since you can see a gaps.
Nothing like that happens on single player, angles are precise!

I tried:
Using phys gun build mode
Rotating with precise alignment. (I putting angle 90, pressing rotate, then get angles and it shows 90.011)
And few other things.
Phys gun build mode have exact same problem as alignment tool, but it PERFECT on single player.(Tho what means, it is not just tool problem.)

So what i think, that some values on server not as precise as on single player.
And i think there are should be some sort of convar, which i can change to increase physics preciseness on angles(or in general and angles)

Pleace help, google wasnt able to help, Gmod search didn’t help either, i am desperate. I also looked in to lists of convars, but didn’t found the one i need, maybe it missing it!

Server are dedicated.

P.s. sorry for my English. I know it isn’t perfect.

Erm, guys, problem are big and important in build servers, can you give me an answer for it? Or help it brainstorm it?

This has always bugged me too a bit, but the only way to get around it would be either to modify the tools yourself to ensure that the angle is always snapped to an even number (which I guess is supremely hard since if it were easy it would’ve been done by now), or go searching forums for someone to either make it or if there is a tool, to find it.

The phys gun will NEVER get something perfectly straight, you can try and try again but due to how it has physics along with it (which is both good and bad), it makes it supremely hard to align perfectly. I’m not too sure why tools allow this issue though, maybe it’s a problem with the source engine itself.

Anyway, I know that’s not much help but atleast it’s some information as to why it’s happening.

It is not a tool problem, the angle (there are in radians on engine level) don’t have enough number precision to represent a perfect right angle! So there should be a convar to extend precision of the number(or some sort of setting)
There are no tool which can fix it, there are no way to fix it with a stuff like lua, problem are much deeper, but it NEVER occurs in single player, numbers are precise enough to represent absolute right angle in radians, read first post carefully.

If you a bit confused with radians, there are like non human angle, which is pain in the ass when they represented as a number alone.(Tho in proper math it kept as fraction, with made with at least 3 components(pi,number above and under) and optional square root)
180 degrees = 2*pi
Or 90 degrees = pi
In radians! And it gives you number with a bunch of decimal numbers.

Tho, if Source Engine doesn’t use a radians and i am completely wrong right now, I would be confused.

I gotta make some screens, to point problem out more clearly, and there are tool for total angle control. Called precise aliment, just press R.

I have to return this thread to top, so i have a bigger chance of getting answer, i hope you can forgive me for it.

Return up, problem is sharp and important.

cl_interp 0.00001

I know little about programming stuff, but I would say the radians idea makes a lot of sense, try to make an exact angle of 45 degrees and see if it gives you an error exactly half as big as the 90 degree angle (45 degrees is pi/4) and try 30 degrees (pi/3) and see if the error is a third as large as the 90 degree error, also check out if it ends with a recurring decimal, which is possible.

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That should tell you if the error is from radians.

Well half the angle gives the half the problematic value.

It is for interpolation between packets. Are you sure it is it?
Tho i checked it just in case and it dint help.

Reducing interpolation means more accuracy. Was worth trying.

Yea, thank for suggestion, i see point in it, but it is interpolation between movements. And I operating with freezed(basicly static) props.

About angles
90 brings 90.011
45 brings 45.005
Tho, half the angle = half the problem, but it doesn’t solve it.

Again, problem doesn’t exist in single player. Only when you building on a server, but I need to build on MY own build server perfectly. Since miss angle causes dis-balances for some contraptions and gaps during building forts.

Still not solved, solution possibly close, but we cannot see it yet, or it just doesn’t exists, and it would be sad.

Nothing yet helped me, angles are getting corrupted, please help!

I had few thoughts about this problem, can you help me answering them? I hope so.
Does reducing ticks per second of the server gonna increase overall physics preciseness, when something are still?

I thought about it, since single player runs on a lower ticks then server (30 compare to 60) so twice as slower on ticks.
Also, can i get convar to receive a ticks per second value and to set up new? (On listen, singe and dedicated server games(if they different))
Since I am not good with looking for them.

I am sorry for over posting, but just give me some answers on previous post, so I can test it out and check.

Wait, you’re using a tool to get something perfectly aligned, yes? You could always Shift + E with the physgun.

With a calm down explanation of the problem, i will say that.
When you attempting to get a perfect right angle(While looking on actual angle of the prop) you gonna try to make it face 90 degrees(any direction, it doesn’t meter, error still occurs) you will receive 90.011 which is extremely annoying and ruins my high precision contraptions.(Like a perfectly assembled space ship, with no miss aliment, car, giant fort) Since that slight(it seems small, but it actually huge on the long runs) miss angle creates gaps(and on forts, where props are aligned to it self, it creates a growing gap)
It also happens with any angle.
Which means your angles are exact. And nothing of what noted above DOESN’T happen. All contraptions are perfect, BUT I want to build on MY server, with my FRIENDS, and align everything perfectly. And I am pissed off, because it not happens.

And I have noticed the fact, that single player runs on LOWER tick then a server(half), and it may be a reason why precision are slightly different.(But it ruins all)

So again, please help me with convars to change a tick value per second of the server. Since I don’t know it.

Also I am building ALOT of nice stuff, but I never went public with it. So I am experinced builder and my server runs all GOOD and NECESSARY tools for building from planes to cars and forts, or diffrent wire things(I have codded alot in E2)

Specs of server doesn’t meter, since all servers have same problem, owners just don’t care(it is very rare when owner also a really good builder more often, owner doesn’t build much(or even don’t know how to build), and just runs other aspect of server)

Sorry for the caps, it was necessary to point out something out of the text sentence, so people can understand problem deeper and with emotional meaning.

My Build server:
My Space Build server:
If you interested.

Note: SpaceBuild runs CAP, and Environment.

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