Absolute Zero - RTS

We are currently making a RTS game mode. The name has not been decided and we are looking for molders, skinners, animators and a sound artist. Yes, i know we don’t have very many dev members but that’s a reason why we posted this. This game mode will get done even if i have to model my self.

The Dev team so far

Dark -mapper
AtomicTACO -lua coder
Kyle -lua coder
Crashman -mapper
Ryan -mapper

As you can see we need a lot of help. This game mode has been in development for 5 months of and on. We have everything we need thought out right now and we trying to get it done.

New Updates:
I am making the second station that is by the condos and the condos/pool. I have had some setbacks but i am trying to get pictures of the new train station. Also I need to add more detail and lighting to the lobby train station.

I will also try to make a update tab for the coding team in a day or two.

The theme and story line:
The year is 2020 and scientists have found out how to produce dark energy. The thing the scientists didn’t know was it would break apart almost everything it came in contact with and it also was uncontrollable. The dark energy started breaking apart little things at first. Then rocks started to float. The scientists though they would be able to fix it, but they were wrong. The dark energy started attracting dark mater and everything became unstable. Pieces of the ground the size of some small countries started breaking apart from earth. Panic and chaos filled everyone and with in a month of England breaking off and floating into the sky, the world went to war. Command your own armies fight over new floating islands as the world falls apart.

This is going to be all the units, building, towers and everything else that is going to be in the game.

Turret Defenses:



Machine-gunners (normal unit)
Customizable Unit (Donator only, changeable; speed, armor, damage)
Rockets (anti vehicle)
Anti infantry
Sniper (long range, slow fire rate, mega damage)
Construction (build buildings and destroys them faster then most units)


Anti-building laser
Customizable tank (changeable; speed, armor, damage)


Drop ship
Mother ship
Customizable helicopter (changeable; speed, armor, damage)

Missile soils:

Customizable missile (changeable; speed, damage, effect)
Small Nuke
Cluster bomb
Ice Missile
Poison Gas Missile
Healing spot


Concrete wall
Metal wall (Can be built as is or upgraded from the concrete wall)
Anti tank barrier (little pegs that can be placed on the ground that only prevents tank travel)


Rock pile (can not be made by the player, they will already be in the map)
Infantry tower (units can climb inside of them to fire our, increases the units damage and health)
Barricade (units can take cover behind them for a health boost)

Research facility
Missile silo
Trading Station
Nuclear power plant (can be placed anywhere and upgradeable)
Metal Mine (the building needs to be placed next to a metal deposit)
Crystal Mine (the building needs to be placed next to a crystal deposit)
Greenhouse (can be placed anywhere and upgradeable)

Money (acquired by destroying units and can be used to buy/sell resources)
Energy (used to increase tec. levels)

This list might still change

Change List**
I took our the oil resources and building.
Added the Trading Station under buildings

The Normal RTS:
There will be 8 different games that can be running at one time. The game will take any where from 10 mints to a hour or two. Also this game is not going o be a resource war like sassilization. The units will take time to build and the guys are not going to be scaled down (normal and 24/7). A player looses the game if all of there capitols are destroyed. Once a player has been defeated they will be redirected to the lobby. Teams will be decided in the lobby along with the map. In the time where you pick your teams you will be able to edit the name and color(more might be added later). The maps will be shown in the selection menu according to the number of people joining. There will be maps fore 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. After the game is up and running we will add 1v1, 5v5, 2x2x2 and 3x3x3. There will be a leader board for; number of wins and points. Points can be earned by killing units, building and defense structures. Killing and building different units, building and defense structures will earn you a different amount of points.

The 24/7 RTS (if source can handle it):
There will be 4 different games that can be running at one time. When you get into the game you will be able to pick where you want to spawn. Then there will be a time where you cant attack or be attacked. Teams will customizable and made in the game. Some of the thing you can edit is team color and the name (more might be added). The maps will be around the size of gm_flatgrass more or less. There will be 4 different maps for the game mode, one on each game. There will also be a leader board for this game mode. There will be a leader board for; number of points and total game time in the 24/7 RTS game mode.

The Lobby:
The Lobby will be the waiting place for all the game modes. You will be able to buy upgrades and chat with other people waiting for the games. The unit that will be the bace for buying all the stuff in the Lobby will be called a credit. You can earn credits by the point system in the RTS and the 24/7 RTS. You can earn points by making units, building and defense structures but there will be more points earned for killing units , building and defense structures. The credits will be able to be traded to your friends. Right now the game rooms, spawn room, shops and lower level halls are in the finishing stages.

Donator Benefits:
As a Donator you will be able to skin and customize your own units. All the skins will be looked before they are added to the server. When picking your color for the RTS you will be able to pick first. Also when the map vote appears you will get 2 votes. Credits earned from each game will be dubbed and you will receive a donator tag. Also donators might be able to make and uplaod there own player model (leaning on the not side).

Beta Testing:
Beta Testing is not going to be for a while, but there will be a closed beta. We will announce when it is going to be on our web site (when it is up). Then from there people can enter into a raffle. We will probably only let 40 people be in closed beta but the numbers most likely will change.

Here is a picture of some of the floating rocks and islands in the background.

These are some pictures of the lobby, the lobby is not done but it is getting close.

More information will come out as soon as we have agreed on it.

sounds cool
number 1

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Looks very nice, although i would put more thought into the builds and units aspect.

Im not going to put all the upgrades and everything that goes with the unit. I have a word doc. with all that on it.

I loled. You havent said anything about your gamemode at this point.

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I have posted new pictures of the lobby.

Lobby looks pretty cool, if not abit empty.
Gamemode sounds promising also, but reminds me of Sassilization with Double the units and complexity. Mind giving an estimate on how long Games will run?

We will have 2 different game modes starting out. One of the game modes will be a normal and right now im gusing the games will take any where from 5 mints to an hour. We are setting the games up to be a RTS not a resource war like sassilization is. The other one is going to be a 24/7 RTS that you can join any time and leave any time. Your probably saying right now well how are people going to join and not get killed. We will solve that by one a big map, bigger than sand box and two by allowing people to chose on what island they spawn at. Third there will be a time limit not allowing you to attack the new player or allow the new players to attack other people. Ill put everything else about the game modes into the original post.

Seeing that your name is leader1337 and your avatar says Garry’s Gangsta you seem self confident that you’re the center of attention, overly important, and shitting on threads makes it all the better?

Is it possible to set up distinct spawn areas in the map? Just to prevent users from exploiting certain areas of the map that are not intended to be used as such.

Ya its possible because the info_playerstart is where the player spawns (the player will be a invisible floating camera). We will use scripted_sequence to mark the areas in the map where your capitol will be placed. Then you will be brought to the to the x y z+200 of where the building is. Thus placing you over your building.

Trying to prevent people from going to the islands will be a little more tricky to do. We will have islands that are off limits to everyone until a person has picked the island. This will be also done with a scripted_sequence. So if some one is not on the island then the scripted_sequence will not allow them to make movement commands on the island.


I just finished NPC movement. I will be working on targeting next.

Wow that looks amazing. Keep doing a good job.

Show us progress?

I see maps , yet I don’t see any code.
Good luck , because you are going to need it.

Also , you obviously haven’t played many RTSs since you’ve got alot of micromanagement going on there. 3 Resources maximum , usually two. 6 is overkill , and will bore the fuck out of anyone playing it.

As well as that , you’ve got so many unnecessary buildings. you’ve got 6 almost exactly the same types of wall , and an “anti-tank” wall.
I’m sorry , but isn’t that the point of walls? You’ve also got an infantry tower (?) which might as well be a building.
Having custom vehicles and infantry is crying out to be unbalanced. Wait for your Super powerful tanks which are fast firing but with bugger all health , but it’s pointless because they’re dead before they shoot you.
There’s alot of things you should change.

If you look at what I was planning for my fretta gamemode which we decided not to make since it’s too slow for a fretta gamemode , but we’ve got a simple list of units and buildings which are the bare essentials , yet still make the game fun.

Having shitloads of different types of things does not make the game better , if anything , makes players bored and also puts alot of strain on the coders.

Dark has been coming up with the storyline and game details all himself. I had no time to make anything up yet.

One good idea would just be a building that handles all resources.

Yes we do have a lot of resources in our game. Age of Empires had 3 resources and there system of money, gold. I look at this game as one of the best RTSs out there. It was simple and at the same time complex. It was not all about if you could make the most stuff or the biggest army. It had recourse management involved in it. Different building required different resources to build. Some things required stone and food, other stone and wood.

Halo Wars was all about how big your army was. Resources didn’t mater to them. They had the unit as there resources and money. This game died out quicker than I expected. The first day there were 850,000 people on line. Two weeks later 200,000 and then three months later there were only a few thousand people online. The game was cheep and about who could attack with the most units the quickest.

We have 5 resources and our system of money, money. The building and research will use mainly metal and crystal. The ground units will use food and a little metal. The vehicles and air units will use metal crystal and oil. This allows for a dynamic game play. So say if you want to only have ground units. You will just need to make 2 or 3 green house’s then a metal min and you good to go. The energy will allow different levels of research and unit construction. Using as how many resources as we did, along with build times and the vast choices of units will ensure that the game is not all about resources (Sassilization) or all about how many units you have (Halo Wars).

The different walls are for different levels strength and the anti tank barrier are things that units can walk through but it stops tanks. The covers are things your units can hide behind and shoot. Some will be in the map others you will need to build. Different towers do different damage to different types of units.

Hemroid_Man if you have played a couple of RTS games in your life you would see that the ones that are simple are the ones that have failed.

That game died because it was a cash cow. Not because they wanted to branch out into other ideas. Just make a bland RTS, stick Halo on it and get cash quick.

Hemroid_Man just got face punched.