Absolutely everything (not anymore hurr) I have ever compiled for Garry's Mod.

75mb of MODEL FILES, roughly 450 compiled models
370mb of TEXTURES, roughly 900 files.
3,845 files in total.

Oldest compiled model dates back to March, 2006.
Newest compiled model is from October, 2009.

That’s** 3 years, 4 months and 24 days of models**. ~one model every 3 days.

Zipped file is 175mb
Unpacked total size is 452mb

Not everything in this pack is finished (Davor’s phaser, the Scorp gun), feel free to complete them if you want. I lied in the title, It’s still missing about 1/4 of my models which I lost in a harddrive crash some time ago. Not every model here is made by me though. For example, Dav0r made the phaser, I made the v_ and w_ models and compiled it. Bonehead made the charger model, I skinned it. ~30 models don’t work because the surfaceprops were deleted in a source engine update. You can fix it with lua.

Oh yeah, it has some SWEPs and the drone ent too. Thanks a lot sassafrass for all your help with this

It’s been a nice long run, not sure if I’ll be too active in the modeling scene any more, I got high school to finish.

Feel free to use my models in your gamemodes/maps/mods/scripts/SWEPS/whatever, just give me credit and let me know you’re using my shit. Means a lot to me.

Keep in mind that there’s a fuckton of old shit here. Not everything looks nice.












Download: http://www.jaanus.cc/files/jPack.zip
Garrysmod.org download coming soon

All I got to say is

HOLY SHIT! and You are epic

holy crap


i just got :ninja: 'd


Holy shit, the aircraft!
I always wanted you to release that model, thanks man.

And all the other stuff here looks fucking useful.

More screenshots of my shit:



Nevermind that post I’m an idiot.

Statue of Liberty :3:

Holy fucking sex, this is… well sex!

The zip file is broken, for me anyway.

How am i dumb, i read the OP i downloaded the file and it said it was corrupt, mind explaining?

I remember a lot of this stuff.

You are sure you read his post?

Obviously not, thank you sir.

Some of this shit is animated too.


Oh jeez. I’ve considered doing this myself, I’ve just never had the opportunity.

I salute you, sir.


Those combine headhacks are awesome :buddy:


But it would appear as though the archive is corrupt


Just read the thread, I’m dumb


mindblowing release

Holy fucking shit!

Amazing work, good job.

84% uploaded, 17 minutes left.


Upload done.