Absolving repetitive texturing

I’m looking for some ideas to help stop this problem, as it’s pretty prevalent in my current map.
Here’s a wip shot (fullbright atm, vrad takes too long)

It’s a map for tank fighting if you’re interested. Based on ro_ogledow from Red Orchestra.

Up the lightmap scale, for vrad.
For textures, up the texture scale and add props and decals/make a custom texture

What kind of lightmap scale might you recommend?

for that much terrain? 64-128

Try using a higher resolution custom texture first of all.

And make some more blend textures, and using them in various places. A thick grass blending into a thin grass, or a thin grass blending into dirt, with dirt blending into gravel, that sort of thing.

Some props would help a lot too. Some trees or rocks or something.