abstract map: gm_fractal






I don’t know if it’s good for anything, but it’s got lots of space/“rooms”, so I guess it could be a buildrp map :biggrin:

I would have made it even larger, but it’s already lagging hammer and I exceeded some surface/triangle limits by 120% :v:

It runs really fast in gmod though.

Update: Thanks for the feedback! Here’s a small bonus map:


Basically the same, but this time you can actually go somewhere without a ladder.

Edit: Frontpage on my first map? :biggrin:

Update: I made a new version with a few bugfixes and an additional variation of the map: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=923793

Woahhhhh :psyduck:

Looks cool. Simple, but cool.

Wait what the fuck? I’m so confused…

Oh man, that must have taken ages … copy/paste/copy/paste etc. How many pyramids are there?



Epic really big art, the hdr could be toned down though

I hope that’s a func_detail.

I gotta test this one.

Why? None of the brushes are actually touching

These are 3125 brushes by the way, grouped into a giant func_detail. You can stand upright in the smallest triangles.


It is a func_detail, but it still crashes the compiler if I run vrad.

What that fuck. :derp:

You already have my download.
Just one screenshot did it.

If I only knew where I could get the skybox from that map with the giant disc that teleports you back up if you fall to the bottom of the map. This one has no floor :frown:

Newfags can triforce.

I thought triforce too, but it looks very nice.
No idea what this map could be used for though.

Triforce mindfuck… some crazy shit

That is not how func_detail works at all :-/

Even a brush floating in the middle of otherwise nothing will split up the BSP to go around it. A structure as complicated as this would be far worse for BSP, but there’s so little in the map it doesn’t really matter so much to be honest.

More and more of these 05’ers with like 200 posts and below are popping up :v:

True. I made a quick map similar to this one and compiled without turning the brushes into func_detail.

This is what these brushes would do to visleafs if they aren’t func_detailed.


You probably don’t want that.


I love fractals! How did you make this?