Abstract Map Ideas 2

And yes, I’ll be recreating them (well, the ones that I can manage to recreate, that is)

Annnd, this is also where I’ll be posting my work on my map (With some of my own ideas, as well as some of Facepunch’s

First Thread; http://www.facepunch.com/threads/901987-What-would-you-like-to-see-in-a-abstract-surreal-map

Editline: Okay, SURREAL Map then.

Damn, Good luck. You shall need it! :3:

Haven’t you made threads like this before? And if so, why not just bump an old one with a reedited OP?

LMAO Pics v75: All Hail Inglip
The Facepunch “Map Pimpage/WIP” Thread V11
And the latest post on that one was 6th March 2010

Idea: A town that’s surrounded by a 3D skybox instead of stock cliff textures.

… Might be a little too surreal, actually.

Not funny.

And by surreal, I mean


And no, that map is not by me, but instead by Cc_NIPPER


Firegod522, why did you rate this dumb?

I remember that map. Creeped me out when I was younger.

You could use everyday objects in your map doing weird things.

I believe abstract maps have different degrees:

The first one is that type of map in which nothing seems farmiliar.
Anything could happing as far as eyes jumping out of walls or
Squeeky noises with walls turning into black & white. Crazy stuff!

The second type is more consistent. Not nightmarish and thus no suprises.
But things don’t fit together. Weird achitecture and phenomena.

The last type is my favorite. Here things do fit together,
but the architecture and brushwork simply blows the players mind.
Wether be that the atmosphere around the player, or the structures
on themselves. Mirror’s edge did a good job:

Speaking of Abstract:-



Something I done a while ago, it’s completely symetrical (I think) not my best piece of work, but certainly abstract and odd.

Make it spin!

The middle does spin apart from the sphere, but if you’re talking about the whole level, no it’ll fuck up the movelinears I have as elevators :v:

Hey, I got the first spawn area done (Yes, I am testing this in CSS, so why not make it compatible with CSS also) And yes, I am hosting the map here, why? Becuse it IS the map in this little quote
“And yes, I’ll be recreating them (well, the ones that I can manage to recreate, that is)”

Now if only I could get those displacement clocks to show up

And yes, those graphitti textures are from pretend this thread is a public restroom WRITE ON THE WALLS


Oh fuck yeah, full bright, brush based doors and crappy textures, best map ever hands down.

Try adding lighting, try watching tutorials (not 3kliksphillips)

Fine, here’s your lights

Woah! lights…look dude you generally suck at mapping.

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Where’s the map? All I see is blocks.

Got rid of the room, made windowsXP room to replace the blocky bathroom

Any ideas on how to clip off other rooms from the skybox/fix the invisible displacements?

Crappy vertex work, dude, try watching/reading tutorials first before you even attempt an abstract map…

i like the xp theme