abstract map update: gm_fractal_v2, gm_fractal_balance





This is an upgraded version of gm_fractal.

I fixed the lighting and redid the spawnpoints.







This map is slightly smaller than gm_fractal_v2, but has the same improvements over gm_fractal.

It is based on ideas by hewlett and half_soldier675 from the comments.



On the flashlight issue: Apparently the source engine can’t handle the flashlight if there are very complex objects in the map. These new maps shouldn’t crash gmod if you switch it on (probably depending on your ram), but they will still glitch your graphics card and make gmod lag so much that you’d most likely have to kill the process. So don’t use the flashlight!

Mystery WIP!


Hint: Look at the speed of the car!

It is not:

  • an open area with rotating pyramid shapes.
  • an open area with pyramids on it and a rotating floor then all of it is rotated 90 degress


You WIP “map” is an open area with rotating pyramid shapes.

Your wip is a open area with pyramids on it and a rotating floor then all of it is rotated 90 degress

What is the point of this map?

Thats the point. There is none. Its just a cool confusing design.

Can anyone say triforce?



Can’t wait until V3

can you make two octahedrons in some distanсe of each other? because it is good to make a battles on spaceships or other flying stuff

and make skybox bigger

I like this alot.

You really should advertise your inverted version more. You can’t do much on this version without noclip, but on the inverted one you can get anywhere on the pyramic just by walking, which makes it great for deathmatch and the like. I know the point of the map is just for looks, but it’s just an idea.