Abuot Dynamic Water

This stuff showed up long time ago. Why anyone make Tutorial abuot this ?
Can somone make tutorial abuot this ?


How the fck it post again ? i make 1 theard


Try digging around this thread.

That’s not dynamic water, that is particle systems.

About as Dynamic as you’re going to get right now.

In fact I can’t see how you would do dynamic water without particles.

But that might just be me being :downs:

Have you seen hydroengine? It’s a dynamic water engine made by dark energy for hydrophobia (x360).

Never heard abuot that.
P.S. I know that dynamic water made from particle system , but does it works on CS:S or only on orangebox games like : hl:ep2

Perhaps I should be more careful about stating my underlying assumptions (my Analogue circuits lecturer would skin me for missing them out).

I was assuming within the context of the source engine. Also, if the hydroengine doesn’t use particles, how does it simulate water?


Any game that uses particle systems (OB and after currently) will work with it, however the update that is on the way for CSS will probably bring particle support.





Note that these events happen differently every time.

Would probably need an i7 processor for that.

Remember, Garry’s Mod is Source engine, so Hydroengine won’t quite work here.

Hence “dynamic”

My best guess is that it simulates the surface which is then shown just as a grid of polygons moving up and down. It probably has to be placed statically rather than move by itself. Like there’s the water polygons under the corridor and it comes up through the floor as water passes through.

But I could be completely wrong.

The game is going to be released on x360 only. So doesn’t need much power.


Not sure about that, it was also slated for other platforms at a later date, once they’d shittily ported it. They haven’t actually confirmed a release date for the 360 version anyway.

Oh wow I just realized the title error.

Give me books.