Abuse from the ower

The owner of Rustorial (Which is a AU server) banned be because i “lied” and had a previous ban from another server because my clan mate killed a the owner and he got salty and banned the whole clan. I said to the owner that i would contact the owner of another server that i used to play on a lot and tell him to contact the owner of Rustorial, since after 2 days the owner of the other server didn’t contact the owner of Rustorial, he banned me because my clan was PvPing all the time and winning because we are semi-decent players and the reason was because i was “lying”. there needs to be a way to report servers for abuse if it comes directly for the owner, because things like this isn’t right and things like this isn’t what should represent the community or Rust since it is a great game, but im sick of owners abusing other players (which i’ve seen a lot of)


(User was banned for this post ("Awful thread - contact the admin of the server." - Bradyns))

Get over it.

Server owners have the right to ban people from their server, that will not change. Also, people would just abuse such a report function if they don’t like a server owner - or if they want to shut down a competing server.

Just go look for a server with reasonable and adult owners/admins.

pretty much exactly this. not only is there nothing fp or the forum can do, the odds of your report being fair and true are pretty much nil. humans lie, it’s one of our strongest traits.

Get your own server, watch it populate, and then have to decide what 100+ players do, all the time. Get over it, is the correct answer, I myself cant deal with players getting salty and server nameshaming like you just did, it just makes it more silly for yourself.

Admins are constantly put either in the light as being fair and reasonable by players. Until the players get salty for some reason and then anything the admin or owner does is an instant infraction of admin/ owner power abuse.

Players vs. staff
Have no power/ have limited or full power
can play the game/ Can play the game but are presumed by players to not be allowed to engage in the PVP.
can whine and complain to the staff to get their way if salty/ Have to deal with people that are often proof of conception via sodomy.