Abuse Week - Another Contest? You bet.

Tired of waiting for the other contests to move on? Got an itch to compete? Is your life not complete without a bunch of these filling up the screenshot section? This is the place for you!]

Abuse Week is a contest centering around the Combine. Unlike some of the other contests, this one requires the use of metrocops. The posing should consist of one or more metrocops doing something abusive, repulsive, outright murderous, or anything else despicable. If desired, one could even do a pose of metrocops being hooligans some situation completely different from Half-Life. As long as it’s despicable.

The rules are as follows:

  • The picture MUST. BE. NEW. I don’t care if you pose it for the purpose of this thread and then make a standalone post elsewhere, though.

  • NO SEX POSES. This doesn’t even make sense, but I know some basket case might try this anyhow.

  • Deadline is Monday, August 10th.

  • As with Mrwhitefolks’s contests, public voting will be ignored. I’ll pick the judges.

Start. I’ll post my own submission later (I won’t be a judge).

Might as well submit a post one :stuck_out_tongue: Only a 10 minute job but was funny making it…



I say why the hell not? This isn’t my best or anything but I don’t really care if I win, heh :keke:

oh and heres some ghetto shit i just found: :snoop: