Abused - scars left on a psychological level

Howdy Folks :clint:
As some of you propably noticed, there was one hell of a wild trolling here, started with a picture and a exorbitanted statement about womens rights and/or their abuse. While the most of us was kind of busy with a social debate, i marked the post as non-sense in the artistic way and offered a better picture. (Un-)Fortunately, the thread got deleted by the moderators and my work went down with it. Usually, i don’t post just one picture for a new thread anymore, saving some space on the server but i don’t have a second picture to offer right now. So I guess, I’ll have to make an exception for this one.

Long Story, short, here it is:

Some Post-music … It may not fit 100% but it’s Motörhead and it still can be interpreted into the picture pretty good.


Now before somebody interprets me wrong and reports to the mods:
I just want to show you the picture and have your comments, ratings or critisism about it. I don’t want to start this whole debate here again, nor do i intend some sort of “Parody”-Thread.

Thank you and enjoy it (if it’s possible in some way.)

great, amazing, orgasmic picture.

But, what the cockshit happened to her boot?

Ace of Spades would have set the tone better.

She looks frustrated not sad, or was that the idea?
Anyway Nice posing, and simple editing :stuck_out_tongue:

But your logo on the bottom right corner looks bad, like paint Cut&Paste.

I tried to give her a sad face in the beginning and extend her expression with a tear, laying on her cheek. In the end it was harder then i thought and so i dropped the tear. About my Logo: Yeah, could have integrated it better into the picture. It’s not so good blurred out, like i usually do it.

Which boot ? left or right ?

What has this Mary person done to you guys. When I come home I find this. What’s next. Group hug:)

And your point about my work is … ? :confused:

Oh sorry. Your pic is actually pretty good. And I was joking.

The visible boot.

That one ? It clipped slightly into the ground. Wasn’t visible in-game but i guess, that changed with the minor post-editting i did.

Good finger posing

Well, this was the most work for it.
I fiddled only 30 minutes on legs and body but almost 2 hours on the arms and hands because those were the most importent parts for a proper body language. Small details are very important for me. :keke: