Abusing Packets

I am being attacked, I am with OVH.

The packet they are spamming is a “connection packet” so blocking it would block legit traffic also so that isn’t much of a solution.

The IPs are spoofed so blocking IPs is not an option, whoever is responsible is also watching for my server, I have started it on 5 different ports and multiple IPs and it gets hit by the same sort of attack.

I don’t think there’s anything you can do.

You shouldn’t have banned that guy with LOIC I guess.

  1. I think UrbanGamers managed to fix it
  2. I ban anyone that deserves a ban, just because they can DDoS does not mean they get unbanned.
  1. Contact them perhaps?
  2. Can’t disagree.

DDoS attacks are so old and dirty. The only reason they haven’t perished yet is because there is no way to stop them. Even if you get a DDoS protection service, it won’t help from the larger, more sophisticated attacks.

So really, as Robotboy and everyone else said; there’s nothing you can do.

He wants to keep it to him self.

In most cases there is nothing you can do, but I know he blocked them with iptables so im trying to get help. There is something I can do here.

Do you have linux installed or is it a windows box?

You might want to read this then.

Im on windows :frowning:

Im looking for something like that link for windows, but its quite rare :s

Unfortunately, I don’t there is any solution if you are on windows.

You’ll either have to migrate over to a setup similar like mine, or just reinstall with linux outright.

Also, did you manage to capture any packets of the attack?

Kind of this is the attack I am getting:


(Thanks Munch)

No, really, capture your own packets.

The symptoms you explained were completely different to the attack munch got.

No trust me we are having the same attacks, I promise you.

When I said ESSYN, I was talking out my arse, sorry.