!!Abusive Admins and Aimbotters to boot!! [Chicago] [Rust++] The Creepshow (no decay/active admins) IP:

Unless you want your base raided by a bunch of angry man baby admins who not only spawn items in, but aimbot and glitch through the floorboards, don’t join

[Chicago] [Rust++] The Creepshow (no decay/active admins) IP:

Long story short built a base with some friends, spent a week or so gathering materials day and night, not even completed yet. Admin’s buddy logs on, glitches himself through 3 solid walls, 4x wood ramps, 2x wood walls, another ramp and some spikes without a single C4, we kill him, he comes back with another buddy, with close to 50 C4 between the two, they have little to no activity on the server.

Reported the two abusive admins to the owner, owner logs on, and teleports us away from the base respawns himself inside. You know the drill, basically just avoid this server like the plague.

Admin’s Names if anyone has been ransacked by the filthy man babies.

I’m sure the Server is always empty too.

No one wants to play with power tripped admins!