(abusive admins and cheaters) on PC version , PS4 version

Great job, Rust it’s an amazing game, I love play, it’s the best surviving game I ever play.

But tell me 2 things:

All servers I have play, are full of cheaters (fast running, flying around, invisible guys, etc… ) I think this is the most important situation you guys have to solve, many of my friends quit to play because of this…

The admins in my opinion, must have limit of they can do, there are no sense give the admins the power of give things to the players… All admins give everything to his friends, make this game unfair for the real players…

The admin in my opinion only can kick or ban players, the rules they made on the server are the same for all, including the admin. This is the only way to make a fair/fun game to everyone.

I hope you guys do a PS4 version! Please tell me you guys gone do this!


you need to find a server where admins don’t abuse powers

Also it’s supposedly gonna be ported to console once it’s further along in it’s life cycle, but it’s not yet finished, so it’ll be a little while.

If the cheaters are bugging you a lot, i would simply say that you start looking for private servers. There are lots of servers which host games in private while still retaining a fair amount of players. And garry cannot really limit admin powers because the server hoster has all the freedom to do whatever he wishes with the server.

Garry stated a hundred times that cheaters/griefers are currently not that of a big aim to combat since they will do that after they have put down the foundation/base of the game.

Yea, i hope they gone do it too. lol

If only there was another game like rust where all the kids could get vac banned on… too. Least H1Z1 won’t have cheaters… can hope right?

Garry and co. have a PS4 dev kit and plan to port the game to that platform (and I believe Xbox One as well?), but it won’t happen until the game is closer to what can reasonably be considered completion.

Of course it will have cheaters. Basically every PC game has cheaters here and there that I can think of. As mentioned earlier in the thread, Garry and co. will be looking to resolve the problem as much as they can, but it’s impossible to have no cheaters in a multiplayer game as far as I know.

You definitely need to find another server where the admins don’t abuse powers.

Seriously, have you tried when getting in a server asking the players what the admin is like, or how well the server is run, or how the admins go about investigating hackers? or asked the admin what the rules of the server are? I think asking the players is the only good resume a Rust admin can have.

Does the server have a good set of clearly defined rules to protect the legit players from hackers, griefers or trolls? and guidelines covering what the admin does or doesn’t do? If modded, is the mod setup well or not so well?

Asking these questions at the start might save you some nasty surprises after you’ve put hours of time into making a base or harvesting. It will also help you to see if the admin knows what he is doing, is fair, sticks by the rules or has nfi about running a server or being an admin (ethically) in general.

If you came to my server, didn’t bother to join the group, check the rules, checked what I do as an admin, then complained because I did something clearly defined in the rules as part of being an admin, I would not be sorry to see you go, nor would the players that agree and follow the rules of the server. Not all admins are 12 year olds with a power trip