Abusive Admins Anyone else have this issue?

I keep getting banned on multiple servers for litterally nothing…

So, I was just following this guy around, he got a crate I killed him with a p250. Mind you, he was naked,

The server IS PvP. So, he starts screaming HACKER HACKER HACKER! Banned.

I get banned for killing someone. On a PVP server. in a PVP game.

This game is beginning to piss me off.

There are hackers rampant, and abusive admins. The game has a decent theme but these admins and hackers are literally ruining the game.

Yeah its unfortunate. After trying official servers (eeek! hackers and lag and lag and hackers) my buddy got his own server and he was a very fair admin to everyone on the server. Did not spawn in anything for himself or others, didn’t use his powers to grief anyone and was anti griefing/house griefing. That group of people split up eventually and now I have had a hard time finding a populated server with a good admin. Maybe official servers will have official admins eventually.

Yup. And there are people who want to circulate multi-server ban lists based exclusively on crap like that.

Check out my server. I’m the owner and I have a friend helping me so there are only two admins currently. We’re some of the coolest admins and have regulars that keep coming back because we do a good job. We only ban after we investigate the issue.

It’s a PvP server and killing nakeds is okay unless it’s a fresh spawn. If it’s a brand new player on the server we want them to have a chance to get established. However, we will give a warning first if you kill one, we don’t just ban immediately. If we keep having issues with people we will ban but we like to give them a chance to reform.

We’re constantly on alert for hackers and investigate profiles of everyone new to the server. We ban people with a VAC ban on record that is less than 100 days old. People with a VAC ban that happened 100 days or more ago we watch closely and will ban if necessary.

We also use some mods but waiting on my server provider to get the updated mod versions. When we have mods there are starter kits and other great things.

Server Direct Connect:

tbh, you gotta look around. Try a server that isn’t an official and has a nice playerbase, they’re likely to be ran well.

PSA: Noob Friendly - 1/2 Craft (with some admin named iRage) is the worst server for these types of incidents. Stay away at all costs.

It can be high pop at times, but people leave as fast as they join. These guys use hacks themselves and raid players (no-clip, flying, aimbot, and using their rcon for godmode/invisibility) for amusement, and ban them if they try talking back to them in chat. Hilarious to watch, but not good for building there.

Why do people waste money on servers when they just ruin them like this?