Abusive Admins on Old School Gamer's server.

The server named Old School Gamers :: 01/25/14 :: PVP/Halfcraft/FPSbooster has admins who raid bases of people who kill them legit and then tp themselves in full Kevlar with m4s after being killed. They have been accused several times on their server for doing this and then ban the ones who accuse them of it for complaining. Do not play on this server and expect to be treated fair.

https://clanforge.multiplay.co.uk/servers/2458868/view is their banner for advertising their NO admin abuse server which they changed the name of the server right after we all called them out for doing.

Their IP address for their server is

This is their advertisement for their server http://lab.facepunch.com/thread/1354183/1/

Please investigate this server.


Is their server advert on this sub-forum. When called out for admin abuse they then bash our clan for posting on there. They have changed their name twice now once when this initial post was made and again back to the NO ADMIN ABUSE advert after posting replies to our claims.


But I do believe this is the new one if I’m not mistaken.