abusive admins

Rant , i was playing on this server when a guy using no recoil shoots me and 3 friends from quite far away , he sprays and takes us all down within 2 seconds.
i talk with the admin , and he just rages at me saying that i dont know shit and that im saying f u fu fu etc etc , im fed up of community/modded servers with abusive admins or people who are bummy with the admins.

i really cannot wait for the update to come out and the removal of autos/ autos changed also is there a way i can report servers?

rant over lol

tl:dr raging about stupid admins who dont know what hacks are and then they ban lagit players , then wonder why there server dies.

Ya I try to be an extra nice Admin, when you have that power you need to use it properly. What I find is people are Admins and they give a lot of stuff to their friends. As an admin joining another server you see a lot of abuse, false claims etc.

Then play on official server. Or find good server with great admins. Not that hard actually.

It’s really annoying though if you have put a lot of work into a server and then Admin turns out to be a retard.