Abusive/All that admins?

What do you think about the admins on servers who are really young and think they are all that and are very abusive? Have any good stories of minging an admin? :smiley:

It’s their server, let them do what they want.

Except when it’s someone who was simply promoted for good behavior then went bad.

Hey like Dashiel said. It’s their server their parents paid for therefore they control who and what goes on and when, If they have the god complex they wont get many players.
There’s like 2000 servers for gmod on steam so just find one where people are good at what they do i guess…

There are ALOT of 12 year old I.T. technicians out there lol

It’s their server, they will learn not to do that when no one gets on.

They give admin to stupid people, ban for stupid reason, have stupid rules, ect.

They a mingies with admin powers.

I found a 12 year old admin that kicked somebody for killing them. The thing was, it was a death match server.

But whoa listen…were talking about admins, not owners…I am 12 and have seen these corrupt admins on many servers as many ages such as 15-18 or something like that (they hated younger people). I am an admin on a friends server and I take my job seriously, just not so seriously that it gets to me like the “bad” admins…

True if they are the OWNER and they are young and their parents bought the server, then nicely teach them how to run it…

But this thread is about admins (the evil kind)…the same friend that I am an admin for his server has been attacked by these bad admins and I have too, point is thread is about your experiences with bad admins, not young owners… XD

The worst thing I’ve ever done as an admin was talk big words at a 10 year old until his dad came on.

I was a CP on flatgrass. The admin shot me when I went to him to ask questions and his friends were killing me for no reason and would be like “YOU FUKIN NOOB!LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!”. I got revenge by running him over, random hit, sniped him and his pals that was in jail. It was pretty fun till I got banned. But it was still funny.

I was an admin once on a server called ON Gaming that lasted like a month, nobody put effort into it and the forum was overrun by spam bots, then was almost brought back, then it fucked up again. Anyways, we never had many visitors and I think I did a good job as an admin unlike those 10 year old’s that use listen servers.

I can attest to this. I’m now 18, but I’ve been running servers off and on for Gmod since I was 13. Age has very little to do with how much of a minge someone is, if they were raised like brats by their parents, they’ll be brats on their server.

Yeah, right. Its fucking obvious you are the owner of a server. And admin and Owner have both admin powers, the owner has the most of all. You are a shitty immature owner and are looking for an excuse and want help from people thinking that will solve your immaturity issues. I don’t fucking care if you are a donator, admin, super admin, super shit or owner, if you abuse your server is shitty and you are an immature little brat.

You seem very familiar…could you be the same PCgeek7999 that helps administrate The Great Build Server? :slight_smile:
On topic: I have only had one problem with a ‘bad’ admin, he kept crushing the contraption I was building. Eventually I got fed up and left, but thats about it. But not before spamming bouncy balls until he actually crashed.


Calm down. He is an admin, if thats what you are questioning.

Ugh the worst thing that happened to me with a Admin was in a CSS server the guy was probably over 17 but he was a total ass. No really he was it was worse then with 12 year olds. He was constantly teleporting into spawn with godmode activated for him killing us and after that he went on a banning rampage and finally he locked us up (we could not move) and he asked us to guess is name the only guy who guessed got banned later I just pissed him off and got banned.


Oh yeah!

You first sentence told me this.
Young server admins beeing abusive (eg. minging).

But then I got you were talking about this:
Any good stories about how you minged the server admins and they were abusive (eg. banning you)?

theres a corrupt admin actually hes the server owner. timthefunnyman. he always bans me for 2 hours everytime i go on his server to have fun when hes there. i have recently made a server and im going to be the oposite of that abusive fuck.

(hes the server owner what can i do? cant even tell an admin cuz hes the owner)

I run a dedicated server and I’m a cool admin, I let people use the admin gun and they ask me for stuff. If anyone starts rdming though I’ll ban them, unless they want to dm.

I run a gmod server, I have a few under 16 admins, but who gives a damn. If they’re mature it’s fine. If they abuse I demote them. The thing that bugs me is when the younger ones abuse. They should get used to gmod, maybe learn some responsibilities before purchasing a server.

Well what im trying to say is you can answer both questions I gave or just one of the questions. But i want to hear stories of someone minging an admin thats abusive.