Abusive Owners/Admin on this server [PLEASE READ]

Server Title: [US East]Wiped 3/5/Airdrops/No Admin Abuse/Vanilla/No Durabilit
Server IP:
Server Owner: Austin/Ghost

When you raid him or get in a fight with him, he most likely will have God Mode on
If you get in a fire fight with the owner and you headshot him he will call you a hacker and ban you as well as if you make him mad in any way he will ban you as well.
I’m posting this so people don’t play it and waist their time.

The owner also spawns in himself things and within 2 days he already has a 7 story 3x3 metal base.
So if you are to play this server, STOP. lol

you shouldve used the “RANT” Post Icon
this isnt exactly news

I already played on this server and yeah, it’s crap. Admins are totally abusive and morons!

confirmed as well. didnt even play there that long, but the stink of abuse is everywhere.

stay well away from this server lest you waste time.

Why do you cry so much about pointless things.

There is an easy fix…just piss off to a different server


He’s posting it to let other players know, not to simply bitch about it.
Recognize peoples intentions before you comment.
Think before you speak.

Pissing off to a different server doesn’t always work. There aren’t many decent servers down here where I play. I made a suggestion in the correct forum, if an admin is using admin skills then players should be aware. If admin is in god mode, let their clothing be a unique color.

It’s pretty terrible that a lot of server owners and their admin buddies are taking advantage of their powers, but there’s nothing we can do. Isn’t there a megathread somewhere where people can just rant about this admin or that admin, or is there just that one hacker thread? If there isn’t, one really should be made in the server subforum or something.

Also, I don’t really see a problem with an admin spawning whatever he wants. I personally find it fun to build an admin palace. It doesn’t hurt anyone. When I first started out with my server a month ago, I actually ran around making little metal shacks without doors for people to find and use. I got bored of that real quick, but it was fun seeing some of them used. One of them is still standing as a hidden loot room in a base built by one of my regulars.