abyss bans

I’ve never got on GMOD in almost 2 months now and I come back with a message saying “global ban abyss” or saying something like that. What is abyss is he the admin that banned me? If so I would like to know why I was banned, I haven’t done anything to deserve a ban at all. Please help anyone

EDIT: Abyss is a SE bypasser used to run lua scripts on SE servers. I don’t even have this program on my computer. I want to know why I was banned for using THIS.

Abyss is a hacking tool that is detectable by Garry’s new ban system. You must have had it activated on your computer while playing GMod. If you genuinely know you didn’t hack and you believe there’s a mix up, you can email him an appeal.

Ok I’ll get on it, but what is his email?


thank you i will get to him asap

It’s been a while and I haven’t heard from garry. I sent him an email BTW

It’s night at Britain. Besides, imagine the amount of e-mails he get because of the bans.

You probably wont get an answer. I’ve heard a lot of people writing to him without response.
If you are banned, there is probably a reason. You wont get unbanned because you send a message with you crying.

I’m not exactly crying, I’m new here and I believe the only way to get un-banned is emailing him. Ontop of that it isn’t the MONEY for GMod, It’s alot about what I earned and I have to get a secondary account. I want to see LOGS and evidence of me using it because earlier I didn’t even know what “abyss” was until I searched it up. I have donator on a few servers, I’m urgent to get un-banned. Hopefully garry will reply. It would be alot more convenient if garry replied on here, so everyone will know whats going on INSTEAD of 1 person.

Still no reply this is technically a BUMP so more will see this which is also a higher chance of garry seeing this. Many people are getting my problem and also similar global bans but nothing to due with abyss. This must be fixed, many people have been banned just like me (no reason\mistaken).

Let me ask ya a question. Why do you have (or had) abyss installed in the first place?

I didn’t like I said I didn’t even know what it was till I got on and realized I was banned, I never been on for ATLEAST 2 months.

Stop being a troll. You are not the only one on the forums making threads like this and acting so innocent.

It makes me sad how you think I’m trolling. I don’t troll in fact I’m against trolling/cyber bullying. Many people have the same problem as me it must be fixed. (BUMP)

Still no reply from garry. Is there some sort of other appealing way? For example like submit something? Something on the site made for contacting garry besides email? If you say he has alot of emails mine must of got passed up.

He reads all of them; if he has proof that you used hacks, then he doesn’t respond.

Jesus fucking christ - We don’t care about your ban, There’s nothing WE the community can do about it so instead of constantly bumping a useless thread go beg garry and wait for a response, Get some patience. Those “2 months of not playing gmod”, You probably used a hack before that or sooner but regardless we can’t do shit so its useless bumping.

I lold.

In which case you probably shared your steam account with someone who did. Another possibility is that you signed in and played it at a computer care where someone had the hack installed and running.

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You “LOLD” yes very funny and clever word you came up with. Inconsiderate jerk. I didn’t hack.

Garry doesnt read this forum, only “next version moaners”, and if you post there about this, you’ll be banned. If you get no email, send another, if you get no response, you’re perma’d.