******* Abyss ******* Owner moderated! No admins=NO abuse/PVP/Sleepers/Airdrops/Solid, Reliable Server/NO WIPES!

Welcome to Abyss!

Our Server just started on February 18, 2014. Mature, adult owned server. Moderated only by the server owner. No admins, no mods = NO ABUSE! 24/7 airdrops, PVP, Sleepers, reliable server with frequent backups. Cheaters/hackers/exploiters prohibited. This is a no rules, vanilla, survival server. Play as the game is meant to be played. Feel free to promote this server and invite your friends. More importantly, have fun. :slight_smile:

Most importantly, our server is NOT hosted by HFB Servers! I am well aware from my own personal experience how horrible that host is. Even if you do not choose to play on our server, PLEASE stay away from servers hosted by HFB Servers! They are notoriously unreliable and their support staff has got to be the worst and slowest to respond in the industry. Google them for other peoples reviews if you do not want to accept my word for it.

If you have a clan, feel free to come on over and make this server your new home.


Abyss [US](No Abuse/PVP/Sleepers/Airdrops/Reliable)