AC BTB Weapons [My first addon]

It’s my first addon. This weapons are based on Bob’s base.

Screenshots: with with with with

Link for download:!EY421YxD!WLzdS3rzoOZwoUndxmPP4Al8Zv0nuxEibyJLPuEo5cg

Use [thumb] tags for your images and uploading your addon to the workshop may be a good idea.

Congrats on your first addon! TIP you can use GitHub to publish dev versions and release Recommended versions on Workshop :slight_smile:

Cool guns. Is this an actual addon or is it just some sweps based on a base? (I know that qualifies as an addon but I’d like to know some more).

Thank you for your tips.:smile:

Awesome! Arctic Combat models! Great Sweps. Too bad the game had to shut down Q_Q