AC130 Spectre Attacking A Target

The original by CabooseRvB

C&C I still have the PSD, so I can change it.

The tracer should be the other way around.

AC-130 Above… Enemy AC-130 Above… “What the f*** BOOM*”

I like it, and Agreed^

Enemeh aye cee wun dirty uhbove!!!111!!11!!!11!!!

Dumb’ed ^

Agreed^, Thats kinda dumb Camarilla

Based it off this image.
I tried to replicate the tracer as best I could with a brush.

Thats a pretty sweet reference pic.

I agree, and here’s the V2, I added a few things.

The minigun tracers like raelly bad.
It looks like tracer BBs, not 20mm(25mm?).

Can you give me some reference pics so I can fix it?

I just assumed that they are small.

Looks good. :smiley:

Wow, sir, especially comparing it to the source image, I am very impressed!

I think it’s too bright to be able to see the muzzle flash that clearly.

Well I would like to darken it, but I like the “It’s a sunny day and we’re blowing up shit” look.
Plus, the muzzle flash is just a render cloud with some editing, I wanted to keep it realistic.

You can’t see the 25mm cannon’s smoke/muzzleflash because it is against the plane. I might release a V3 if I have time later today.

I expected this picture to be much more epic than some shooting off-screen.

I expected that too.

uuh its unrealistic even if it is compared to the real picture duuuuh

et’s nicje

I’m not the one who posed it, if it had a panoramic view of a target, I would have made it more radical.