Accelerated Back Hopping - Cheat or Skill?

If you dont know,ABH is the practice of abusing the bunnyhop prevention measures valve put in place to gain more speed than bunnyhopping.

You can read about it here:

Some people think of it as a cheat or as a skill that players can learn. I want to know what is the popular opinion on it.

It’s hardly prevalent in Garry’s mod in my experience. In most gamemodes it’s impossible to perform ABH.

In most servers where bunnyhopping is possible, (excluding bunnyhop servers), it’s hardly faster than running normally unless the server was built with bunnyhopping in mind. For servers that don’t try to foster it, the speed gains from bunnyhopping are slim to nonexistent in most cases.
In regards to skill requirement, if you want to be good at bunnyhopping, it takes a good while to master strafing to get a consistent sync rate. ABH is extremely easy and it took me less than a minute to figure it out in single player.

There’s not really much you can argue other than the fact that both ABH and bunnyhopping are both exploits that require a certain degree of skill. Bunnyhopping is difficult to master and ABH isn’t intuitive to use on smaller maps due to the fact you don’t have eyes on the back of your head.

If it’s a cheat or skill it doesn’t really matter, as it’s blocked on most gamemodes. If it isn’t blocked, it’s really easy to block it. In-fact, I didn’t even know it even existed on the source engine Garry’s Mod is on until someone told me, I thought it was just on the Half-Life 2 orange box engine.

You can only do it in sandbox for some reason.

Yeah I never got ABH to work in any gamemode besides sandbox, so I don’t think it’s a really big issue. I mean, if your sandbox is designed to be DM, ABH won’t help you aim, only move faster. That’s really it. You can lose control of your speed really easily with it.

Serverwatch 2.0?

It was put in to Sandbox on purpose