Accepting C++ related gmod requests

I’m thinking about what I could create to fill my github, just for the sole purpose of having contributed to the community.
The reason why behind that is, that when I create stuff I tend to keep it to myself, except if I made it just to release it.
However, after 5 years, I should really contribute somehow.
Write your wishes in this thread, it can be a module which e.g. adds new bindings,
or a tool which helps installs addon, whatever as long as it’s realizable in C++
( nothing ridiculous like a new rendering system though ).

I’ll contact you on steam.

How about a universal content install wizard for gamemode creators.

(Download this EXE, which installs all the content required.)

I always wanted one, and was thinking of making one. Gmod Tower has one of these, it can be pretty effective.

Could you make some sort of C++ cheat? Specifically one that can bypass LeyAC, I hear it’s the weakest around.

I actually kind of want to do that myself. I’m uploading my Workshop Uploader today too so that’s a project idea I might hop onto, thanks!

I’ve been considering making something similar, some kind of package manager that automatically installs addon dependencies from the workshop / / github / OTHER SITES™, as well as some kind of whitelist of pre-approved modules. I was considering using node / node-webkit for it though, and possibly just making it show up in the gmod menu by running it as an http server and loading it in an iframe or something.

C++ wise, I was experimenting with mounting stuff via a module at one point, something more fleshed might be useful for that kind of thing? Or you could help me with voxelate, which nobody is ever going to take fucking seriously because people don’t install modules.

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Let’s all try to make it and see if it fails less hilariously than last year’s “community project” that started around this time.

An updated pimpmyride would be pretty swageroni. Maybe a bit more fleshed out and exposing a few more functions?

[sp]or a new rendering system[/sp]

A better GMA add-on extractor which you can extract workshop addons with one click or drag and drop.

You can already do this with the tool shipped with GMod.

FTP module for interacting with server files…? :smiley:

Somebody made one in lua if I remember correctly.

Garry’s Mod Remote Administration Tool, so you can have like the program and upload the stub dll file to server and control it. It would be useful for an admin system.

while/if we’re there, SFTP w/ key support please

Maybe a proper path finding module? Nextbots currently can’t path around spawned props and will just walk mindlessly into them. Would love it if you could try and do something!