Accepting requests for porting Spore Models to SFM!

Since Spore’s Creature Creator has the “colladaexport” cheat and SFM accepts up to 256 bones per model (I think), we can actually port Spore models over to SFM faster and easier than before!

Here’s the request form:

Name: -Your creature’s name-
PNG: -I need this to put it in the game and export it-
Type of creature: -Is your creature a captain, part of an empire, citizen, a member of a tribe, or is it a normal creature?-
Type of model: -Do you want your model uncompiled with SMDs and QC intact, or compiled? Textures available. You can also request for the Collida file of your creature with textures too!-


Name: The Grox
PNG: Grox.png

Type of creature: Space
Type of model: Compiled


  • The creature can be any size, but creatures that use any boundless creature editor mod are not accepted.
  • All part mods are accepted, but Dark Injection is recommended.
  • If your creature uses Grox parts, Extended Cell editor Parts, or Flora Editor Parts, that is accepted too.
  • Creatures that depict pornographic imagery or behavior will NOT be accepted.
  • You can get Spore mods here:
  • I will only do ONE creature at a time, these take a long time to make.

Let’s get creating!

Any completed examples you can show?

Here’s the Grox:

A picture of me and the Grox on gmod.

Name: Barkumpel

Type of creature: Creature
Type of model: The one where I get all my bones properly named and grouped (I need more explanation, I’m dumb)

And what about vehicles, buildings flora? Are those possible as well?

How did it get into Gmod?

it was ported

Oh right, I’ll get working on that as soon as possible!

The colladaexport command only works in the early creature creator, creature creator and the outfitters, so it’s not possible to port them unless I hack them into the editor, which would be time-consuming and would not work properly.

I use the retail version of Spore to port these if you guys want to know.

Long Finding for someone who could Porting into SFM my creature, so I found him, he porting my favorite creatures - Captain Drakonov[/t]
Type of creature: anthropomorphic creature
Type of model: .mdl for SFM

Steam Workshop :
Very thank the man who realized my dream !!!

This thread looks like it will be awesome

Uuuaah I am so tempted to try to port vehicles from spore

Not sure if you are still doing this but,

Name: Malakra

Type of Model: Completed but Uncompiled (SRC Files) along with the Collida file and textures

I would continue doing this, but for some odd reason with the origin version of Spore, it exports the model, but the bones do not move with the model, or the mesh is exported oddly. Which means that I might have to stop this. I originally did this with my original version of Spore if anyone’s wondering.

Don’t know if the Steam version has this problem or not.

I was in a group of Russian STEAM, there will always write about the discounts and the release of new games, and so they posted the discount game Spore, and participants of group write that Steam version of the SPORE is buggy.

I hope this is still going on

Name: Conqrix ShockTroop Prototype

Type of creature: Captain
Type of model: Compiled

I call him ‘Doug’ because the unit name is so dang long…
in truth this is not the actual version i use in the game, since i have plans for using its hands unobstructed… but all attempts to do this have failed unfortunately

Its two years dead.