Accessing a server from a custom webserver

If I owned a server, is there a way I could I could give access to people that need to access server files without giving them access to the account that you bought the server on?

You can tell them the ftp password

And that’s different from the account password, right?

OR you could like give them the server files via Dropbox or elsewhere and upload them yourself backing up the old ones before you do so you don’t get completely fucked over…


I’m using this as an example, I actually plan on being the client connecting to the server. I want to be able to access the server files without asking the owner “Hey, what’s your account username and password?” if I took that approach, even if I’ve been a developer for the server for a while, he probably wouldn’t give to me. I want to be able to do things like restart the server (what I need help with), but I can already edit server files like the addons, materials, etc.

if the hose uses TCAdmin (which 95% of them do) then you can create a subuser account for them and set which features it has access to