Accessing Parent Through Child Panel

Hey fellow coders, quick question for you.

I am writing a custom VGUI element that has its own set of functions and on top of that element, I am drawing a DModelPanel (which covers the entire parent panel). However, I need to know if there is any way that I can still make all the mouse functions I have set up for the parent panel be the ones that are called rather than the model panel which sits directly on top of that element. I’d rather not have to override every mouse event function on the DModelPanel and send it straight to the parent panel, so if anybody has any other suggestion that I can get by with, that’d be awesome. I’ll provide code if necessary, however I don’t really think I need to.

I’m not fully sure what you’re asking, but

Panel:GetParent is a thing.

Basically I want all of my clicks on the element to be on the bottom-most panel itself, going through whatever lies above it, such as the DModelPanel. Right now, since the DModelPanel covers the entire panel, I cannot write mouse event functions for the base panel, but rather I have to write them for the DModelPanel, which isn’t very efficient.

dmodelpanel.DoClick = dmodelpanel:GetParent().DoClick?