Accessing Spawn Icons

Hello, I’m trying to access the spawn icons for weapons to display them elsewhere.
A lot of weapons work using this method but for example, HL2 weapons do not, as well as a few others.
These weapons clearly have spawn icons in the Q menu but apparently the icons are elsewhere?

	DermaImage = vgui.Create( "DImage", Auto_Donate.Panels.Donate.ScrollPanel1 )
	DermaImage:SetPos( 25, 50 )
	DermaImage:SetSize( 32, 32 )
	DermaImage:SetImage( "vgui/entities/cstm_rif_ak47cstm.vmt" )

Are there any other paths I should be looking in for weapon icons?


Thanks robot boy I’ll use that for icons that do not exist but it still doesn’t help for weapons I know spawnicons exist for

For example your lightsabers show an icon in the Q menu but I can’t access the actual icon from either of these paths

--DermaImage:SetImage( "entities/weapon_lightsaber.vmt" )
	--DermaImage:SetImage( "vgui/weapons/weapon_lightsaber.vmt" )
	--DermaImage:SetImage( "spawnicons/weapons/weapon_lightsaber.vmt" )
	--DermaImage:SetImage( "spawnicons/weapon_lightsaber.vmt" )
	DermaImage:SetImage( "vgui/entities/weapon_lightsaber.vmt" )

First of all the image needs to be vtf not vmt and second maybe you don’t have the image.

What do you mean maybe I don’t have the image? The icons show in the Q menu. There must be an image for that? I’ve also tried both vmt and vtf at each location.

.vmt Is the only extension that ever shows an image.

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I figured it out thanks.