Accessories Pack

Throughout my modeling career, I’ve created many accessories for both GMod Tower and Sassilization. I felt like there was a lack of custom accessories uploaded to so I decided to do so.

Credit goes out to MacDGuy, Sunabouzu, and I.

Very useful.

Dang man, This is fucking great. Could you do the cable off? (Engineer)


Good work !

I was searching everywhere for this purple pimp hat :smiley:

Can someone make a picture of all of the models without bloom on?

Lol that’s cool, Majora’s Mask :smiley:

Nostalgia ftw, is all I have to say. :wink:

useful indeed :smiley:

Fantastic! :smiley:

Majora’s mask is a selling point for me, I just wish I was at my pc :saddowns:.


I can’t wait to use this with HatMaker.

Really useful with HatMaker or Player Appearance Customizer. Also for comics. Thank you!

cool pack! a lot of useful items here

Effing brilliant


this is all the hat/accessory models from gmod tower compiled into a different add-on.

Although a majority of these hats are from GMod Tower, some of them are from Sassilization as well. But regardless of that, it is from the creators of these hats and the intention of releasing these are so the users on Facepunch and have a broader selection of accessories to use.

Are these props or entities

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I mean are they hat entities or props for posing and pac

Andross is back!