Accidental ban, how do I unban?

Embarrassingly I stupidly hit the ‘permaban’ button in the tab menu next to my friend.
Now, he doesn’t show up on the assmod ban logs, and I can’t use removeip <ip> or removeid <id> in rcon or console (it just accepts the code, yet my friend is still banned)
Any idea on how to un-ban him? I couldn’t find him on any ban log or anything.

go to the banned_users.cfg and delete them

If that doesnt work go into your server then assmenu then click the unban option then find them and he is unbanned

First off I don’t have a banned_users.cfg - it gets created automatically when I ban someone, and I haven’t used assmod to do that yet. Banning through the tab menu is a rcon command.

That’s also why he’s not on the ‘unban’ list on ass_menu.

banned_users.cfg should be in the cfg folder. If that doesn’t work then get his steam id, Looks something like this STEAM_0:1:323234 and then on your server type removeid STEAM_0:1:323234


Don’t get arsey. Just trying to help. Is this a listen server or a dedicated?

It’s a dedicated.
I’m not trying to be an arse. I appreciate your help.

If there’s no banned_user.cfg, he isn’t banned. Just restart the server and he should be able to join.

What message does your friend get when he tries to join?

I’ll ask him once he comes online, and I’ll re-start the server when there are less people on it.