i wasnt doing anything that involves glitching or anything just started 5 days ago and i log on this morning and my account is banned? why is this???

cause they dont like you, and you dont bother reading on the forum before posting.

You are banned forever, no changing that.

Maybe if you learnt to read you might get further in life.

The website is down and it shows everybody are banned.

Dioden your such a tease to the noobs lol.

Regarding the ban, the website is just down. It happens all the time and when the site goes into offline mode, that is the default message that pops up. Give it a few hours and it will be back to normal. Although I think the devs should make a sticky about that or look into changing the default offline message setting.

i know lol, just got tired of all the same post’s coming up :slight_smile: