Account Hijacked?

I’ve been playing Rust for roughly a week and love it, but the past three days I’ll occasionally hop on and I’ll be in a different locations with different gear. I’ve since reset my password, I haven’t downloaded anything only been to a few sites related to Rust only thing I can think of that I’ve had to allow onto my computer was a Java thing for this site, each page I loaded on it I had to redo this Java thing.

Not sure what to do now.

yeah hi you’ve bought an account that was sold to other people

probably shouldn’t have done that

Nope, didn’t buy an account. Was gifted it, and made the account with a key given to me. No one should’ve had access to my email used or password.

Well uhm

that’s what happens when multiple people are using an account

so either

a. someone bruteforced your password – not likely
b. someone keylogged you – not likely
c. you’re lying and you bought this account – wiNNER

If your the same Sleepy in rust, then You’ve been caught on fraps multiple times speedhacking. ( and once I brighten up my video it’ll be posted. ) So if it was hacked, then it’ll probably be flagged shortly. I’m actually not trying to be a dick this time around in a post. Next time don’t buy your account from anyone, you just wasted your money.

Like, I got it from a YouTuber I was gifted the key and the accounts email is the same one I use for all my stuff like YouTube, Twitter, etc. I can prove it’s my actual email.

I could probably find the key I used too.

No it wasn’t.

just stop

the likelihood of you being targeted by a keylogger for a rust key is literally zero

you bought an account end of story now go away pls

anyone that actually buys a rust account is legitimately dumb as fuck

You sure about that?

maybe you overslept and forgot that you don’t even have a rust account

Rawwrg, well there’s proof that I did make the account myself.

Ya probably should have blocked your email, because now it really is likely that your account will be highjacked.

The image of my email was its own image, only way to prove it’s actually my account instead of being ostracized for something I didn’t do like buying an account.

Nobody here is going to help you because we all know you paid for it, you’re not fooling anybody.

stop post.

go away.

“You bought it”
Post proof that I didn’t
“You bought it”

Not sure if you’re autistic or…

Do you even know what autism is

Am I the only one that sees this working?

Guys, sleepy is a known hacker along with chucky, chocolate and god. Look out for them. This thread is a coverup so that when he gets banned for hacking he can say that he wasnt actually playing on his account!

What a surprise