Account issue.

I need Help my friend has found out my Login info for Rust and there is no way to change my password? he knew my email anyway as where friends however he was not happy i had rust and he does not so he tried to guess what my password would be and I don’t think he got it yet however i want to change it i’ve manage to change my forum one but when i Log out of the game there no way to change my game password? this is what worries me. as if i’m logged in and he tries to log in it may ban me for two people playing.

any help would be nice. thanks in advance

Gotta wait for Garry to implement it.

that’s not your friend then

Guess i’ll wait then and see what happens as i’m sure he can’t guess the password but not nice like and if am playing and he logs in at the same time gets me banned thats what worries me.

you need better friends

Some friend you got there…

it wont let him play if that account is logged in, it literally says this account is already logged in

You need to gain respect from your friend and stop worrying about him taking your account.
Possibilities here are, you loaned him the use of it and he now tries to play it when you want too, it is really your fault.
Pm the dev in charge like he doesn’t have any nightmares, or any dev that has nightmares and tell them you want to change your password …wait n wait n wait if you get past the nightmares and they answer. gl
Or re-gain respect or drop him as a friend.