Account Lost?

I originally registered months back when PsiSyndicate got into it. I had an account and was playing for a while, until I got bored of the lack of gameplay. I recently realized that the game has been in development all this time, so it would be more fun. I was shocked though, when I came back to the site and couldn’t log in. I tried getting a new password, but it said the account with my email didn’t exist. I’m wondering if there was a reset or something, or my account was removed for inactivity.


A few months ago before they started selling keys they deleted inactive accounts.

Well shit. Any way to get it back, or will I have to pay a few hundred dollars to get it back?

You have to rebuy it. But you can easily get a key when the auction is low between 40-60 not a few hundred.

Alrighty then. If only I had forty dollars of spending money. Thanks anyways

They deleted accounts with activated keys? Seriously?..


Apparently so… I guess I’ll have to wait a while to play again ;_;

Can this happen if you have bought a Account?

The wipe occurred before Garry began offering Rust keys for sale. Free alpha accounts that had been inactive for more than one month were deleted, and this only happened one time.

Garry has said that he will not be deleting paid accounts for inactivity. You will be banned for breaking the rules (such as hacking), however, so don’t get the idea that buying a key gives you a license to be a complete dick.

Garry said this was a few months ago and it was a one time thing