Account not a key. Don't judge me lol

I’m not sure if anyone is quitting this game until it is finished or just doesn’t feel like playing until updates or what ever the case, but if you are one of those people and don’t mind me using your account till I am able to buy my own let me know. I will not buy a key or an account from anyone but the developers of the game, not taking my chances with all the scams. So if you are willing to lend me your account until you want to play again you can contact me at I would also be fine with someone wanting to share their account so when they are off I can play. I have a mic if you want to talk, I don’t have skype but if you would rather talk over skype instead of a teamspeak for some reason I will download it if you ask.

I guess I have resorted to begging since I have shitty luck when it comes to giveaways and not enough artistic talent for that contest that went on lol, but I would rather beg instead of rob/scam/hack even if its annoying and pretty desperate. I haven’t been this desperate and impatient for a game, but I’m watching game play and seeing how this game could progress and how awesome it can become it makes me want to join it before major changes happen so I can “remember the old days” as they say. I’m sure some people are going to think this is dumb and I think it kind of is too but maybe I can get lucky this time and find that one person who will let me use their account or that cool/nice person to share with. I’m not sure if this is frowned upon by Garry but if it is I will delete this post and hope he doesn’t ban me for my ignorance, and I guess I’ll have to wait for the game to release. Until then message me at if you can do me this favor. Peace.

(User was banned for this post ("This is no different than key begging, don't do this either" - postal))

Lol nice try.

Asking for an account is the same as asking for a key because both would allow you to play the game. You’ll probably be banned for this.

Just wait till they will start selling the keys.

But he doesn’t want to (>_<)

And where he does say that?