Account refunded

Garry refunded me I have emailed him but he hasn’t replied. 1. I haven’t received the money yet got the email shows up on Paypal but not in my bank or Paypal balance. 2. I don’t want a refund I want my account back is it possibly to get it back?
I really love the Game

You have already been told to contact Garry himself, as this is a personal matter.

Now i suggest you do it instead of spamming bug report forum and main forum.

Buy the game again when you get your money?

But I don’t know when I receive it

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I have and he replied once and that’s it

The refund may not process completely on your Paypal account right away. If the payment shows it’s refunded but there’s no money on your Paypal account or your bank account, wait a few days. Refunds on Paypal are not nearly as fast as payments are, and Garry can’t do anything about it.

So, wait. And contact Paypal before you contact Garry again if the refund hasn’t arrived after a week.

Having been on the other side of the line, this statement is absolutely correct. Your refund will take time, hell the processing part in general will take time. 7-10 business days is what we would recommend. Could happen faster, who knows. IF, and ONLY IF, you don’t see your refund at the end of the 10th business day after the refund was confirmed, THEN proceed further.

Until then, please refrain from bugging people about it because literally all you’re doing is bugging them. They can’t speed it up no matter what you say.

So basically, you got a refund you requested, and now you’re complaining that you can’t play anymore?