account rust complaint

Hello I have an account under the name reslene and it no longer march was deplorable delete this and delete the account of anyone I demand another account please garry.


google translate i am french

lol u made spelling mistake in french so it didnt translate most of the words ^^

Bonjour j’ai un compte sous le nom reslene et ce dernier ne marche plus a etait supprimer ceci et deplorable de supprimer les compte des personne j’exige un autre compte svp garry

you need to speak english in this forum…

If you cannot speak English, stay off the English forums? Or atleast use a proper translation tool.

The English in the OP is broken, but I think he’s saying that his account “reslene” should be deleted, and he apparently wants a new account.

I think they can oblige him in deleting his account, but I don’t think they’re just going to hand him a new account.

problem solved