Account Used Elsewhere...

“This steam account has been used from another computer. To continue using steam you need to log in again.”

I keep getting this error when trying to create a gmod server. Other steam games seem to work fine. about a week ago, I let my friend log on to my steam account for a moment, and made sure he logged off, so this shouldn’t be affecting anything. I have also tried restarting and logging out multiple times. Any help appreciated.

Tell your friend to log in again and log off, then get on your computer and log in and then log off…

Or better, Don’t let anybody sign into your steam account.

Hmm… we tried this and to no avail, can you be more specific as to what steps in what order? thanks :smiley:

u r :downs:
But really.
Check for Keyloggers or anything. Use AVG to scan your PC.