"Account Used Elsewhere"?!

My problem has been solved. I don’t even really know how, though. It just seemed to solve itself. You can still read through this thread if you want to, but keep in mind that this “problem” is no longer a problem.

I recently started GMod and clicked “Create Multiplayer,” picked a map, and hit Start Game. It started loading the map and right as it was about to finish, it gave me this:


I have received no E-mails from Steam saying anything about anyone attempting to change my password, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t fallen for any phishing scams lately, so it’s very unlikely that my Steam account is being hijacked. I have since changed my password, and I tried it again afterwards to get exactly the same error.

So, what the heck is going on? Is that recent super-mega-ultra-break-everything update to blame?

I got that error before but it was probably 2 or 3 months ago. I just restarted my steam and that seemed to fix the problem.

delete clientregistry.blob in Steam folder.

Log out and log in again, worked here.

I tried both of your suggestions, and I still get this error. :smith:

I had this a few weeks ago. Clicking the ‘login’ button on the error pop-up whilst in Gmod doesn’t seem to do anything. I then tried to go on CS:S and the same message came up but this time clicking the login button on the window actually let me log in again and fix it.

So basically, try playing CS:S or some other game and see if it works.

Thanks. I’ll try that later. In the mean time, have a tool.