Accounts that have been removed/ban due to inactivity

From what I seen,alot of people have been removed or banned for inactivity with rust.In my opinion,i think the the rust developers are trying to add more testers that will be active to try out rust while its being developed.In other cases I do feel sorry for those who has been banned or removed for that reason.I hope soon that they’ll be able to get their accounts very soon.If you have opinions about the recent bans due to inactivity,feel free to speak (don’t flame).Its confirm that if those who do not log in within 2 months, will be banned/removed.

You haven’t see this, it’s uneducated guesses made up everytime someone doesn’t understand what’s going on. There has been no proof of accounts being banned or deleted for inactivity, and there have been no official statements mentioning this happening.

It is therefore not to be considered a fact, and I would strongly reccomend against spreading this misinformation further. I can understand that it’s confusing when so many people say this happened to them.

What’s the fucking point of this stupid thread?

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What’s the point of your account? Is it just posting: “What’s the point of this thread?”.ole johan has explained everything above and now people will see it and they will stop posting stupid assumptions in random threads.

Remember that any assumption anybody offers hasn’t been proven wrong, either.

You’re a fucking prick, you know that?

That has to be some of the dumbest shit I’ve heard from you this week. Even if you were gullible enough to believe it, don’t feed everyone else with the same lie.

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Besides, you’re never supposed to assume something is true just because there hasn’t been any proof against it.

I think that if accounts don’t get banned for inactivity, they should. I don’t feel sorry for those people, if they don’t play a game let somebody else have it who will help out and use it constantly (or use their super 1337 cheat engine hax0rs to fuck everything up, which is the most likely case)

So because someone get’s busy with college life, high school, or other things in life they have to sign into an alpha every other day to retain access to it?

Yeah okay that makes TOTAL sense.

I probably haven’t played in about a month. Logged in just fine.

I don’t see why someone would get removed/banned for inactivity.

You have to sign in once every 2 months to retain access.

 If you don't want the game enough to sign in every 2 months, nobody gives a shit how much real life work you have to do, somebody else can have your account. And I hope nobody takes this too seriously, but if you are that busy you are not going to be able to actually help get this game released. Somebody that plays every day will.

I haven’t “played” in probably less than a month and now I went to check if my account does still exist and it seems not.

Remember its a rumor

Someone finally got a reliable source in on this:

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Not anymore.

And it’d be great if people didn’t keep spreading it, because there’s still nothing to back it up. :slight_smile:

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Well THIS is a shoddy source at best.

-burp, never mind-

Shit I didn’t even notice the pic I posted didn’t even have anything from Max.

well im glad they gave us an answer

this is bullshit i wasnt on for 6 days and my account was lost