Ace Attorney characters

While Wright is getting ported from UMVC3, I was wondering if anyone could make the rest of the characters (both major and minor) from the AA series? My main priority right now is Detective Gumshoe and generic detectives.

Yes. I tottaly would like that.
I also noticed one model from Mario_Kart64n who’s name was Trainer, and her face was very similiar to Miss May. Might need decompiling and working with her model to give her some clothes/remove metallic parts, though.
Really, if someone’s a good modeller/can port, do something!

Useful links:

i think i’ve seen a few mmd models of these guys. i could port them, but for the next misc pack

Pretty sure SpyWright has already been hexed, it’s not really Phoenix so it doesn’t work for me anyway.

misc pack?

misc packs are model packs i make containing just about any character that doesn’t fit into a big catagory. so like how there’s the touhou pack, and the sooncoming lucky star pack. misc pack are not themed and contain whatever people request

Will you post a link here when you release it then? I don’t know how’d I’d search for that…

well yeah but i still have lots to work on