Ace Attorney Dual Destinies 3d Models (3DS or iOS)

I’d like to request models to get from Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. I did my research and it is possible to get, but it doesn’t work for me.

I’m trying to get the old school suit

Sites I Found: - This is where I found the script, and this is where the provided samples are. (I tried the script on both the 3ds and iOS version but it did not work) These are the 3DS Models - This is the script he wrote - This is the application that converts the iOS tex files to png (Not sure if it works with the 3ds tex files) - These are the iOS Models - The 3DS Script - More samples

Heres Images of the models:
(Pardon the bluriness)


I made a thread concerning these models awhile back. The gbatemp 3ds models only seemed to contain DD Athena, Apollo, bandaged Apollo and DD Phoenix which can be easily brought into 3DS MAX but without textures. I tried the tex to png but that only worked on the iOS .tex and not the 3ds .tex. The iOS textures only had DLC athena costume, pieces ofnormal athena and pieces of normal apollo.

The 3DS Script isn’t working for me. Oh I see I have those textures too. I’m guessing that the actual models with the full textures are in the .arc files.

Are you using the script on the .mod files in the 3ds files linked in the OP’s gbatemp folder you linked? I haven’t tested the script on the iOS .mod’s but I know it works on the ones in the gbatemp folder. Also, for reference, I tested it on Max 2012 and 2014. Both worked.

Yea, maybe I got the wrong script.

Is this the exact same script as yours? -

Yes, that’s the one. Here, you can try it like I have it.

And wow it still doesn’t work

Are you going MAXScript>Run Script>Select the .MS I linked>Select the .Mod file (try chr000.mod linked in the GBAtemp folder.)

Yes, it still doesn’t work.

I found something -

And this? -


There is an application to unpack the ARC Files =

A quote from a guy
"I believe I have found a way to extract the arc files:
This ARC Unpacker/repacker was able to extract a few different items from the ARC files in the 3DS version of the game: … t22193.htm

It’ll extract the ARC files with improper file extensions. If you look at the script at the bottom of the page, they have mappings to the Hexadecimal extensions they get:
.58A15856 = .mod
.241F5DEB = .tex
.2749C8A8 = .mrl
.76820D81 = .lmt

(These are the only formats I’ve seen thus far. Looks like other ones are not known to the RE modding community)

Any chance you’re going to make source available for that model viewer? I’d love to check it out."

Heres Ms. Magic Underwear

Thread Source:

Can someone test this .arc unpacker?

I want that Kay Faraday model sooooo bad… Those are all fanmade, and I don’t think the creator is sharing them.
The Athena and Apollo ones are recreations though as far as I can see. I have both and they’re mmd.

I haven’t delved much into extracting models. I don’t know where to find these .arc files for the 3ds version. :X

Should I try this .arc extractor with the iOS version since I have it?

Hello, I tried that .arc extractor with the iOS files from the reddit link yesterday, actually, and I was unable to get it to work. It told me it couldn’t read the file properly, or something like that. Let us know if you can get it to work, in case I was just doing something wrong.

Were you able to view the .mod files? I assume the gbatemp files were extracted from the .arcs in the 3ds version? I have packaged the models as .3ds files for you if you cannot view them. ( I unfortunately could not find a way to preserve the armature, but according to those posts the bone weights are messed up anyway. I don’t think it would be too much work to recreate the armatures.

It appears that all of the models contained in the gbatemp folder were various Phoenix Wrights, Apollo Justices, and Athena Cykeses. Unfortunately there were no other characters or any costumes, and two of the chr folders contained word docs telling me that whoever removed these files from the .arcs couldn’t decompress some of them, so whatever was in those folders was inaccessible. If you can find a way to open the .arc files, that would be appreciated. I’m willing to convert .mods to other file formats for you if necessary.

I also attempted to use the tex2png converter you linked to look at the .tex files contained, but it didn’t seem to be able to open these. It was able to open the iOS .tex files that were outside of the .arcs, though.

Edit: Ah, sorry. I’m just repeating everything SilverBelle already said.

Like I said before, although I have the wright script I am unable to import the files.

I was able to remove more models from the 3ds version. I’m going through them now and I’ll let you know if I can find the old suit in these files. So far I’ve seen mostly side characters, like the whale (from a dlc case, right?) If you can figure out how to convert the .tex files/point me in the direction of someone who might be able to help with that, then we should be able to get presentable models.

Edit: I think everyone is accounted for except for Edgeworth. Edgeworth shows up in the main game, not in a DLC case, right? I was also unable to find the DLC costumes. I’m going to poke around more in other parts of the files later.

Get me Edgeworth and Klavier and I will love you forever :v:

Don’t know about .tex for 3ds but the .tex in the iOS port are accessible via the court records link above.

Ah, good, you’re here. Can you tell me if Edgeworth shows up in the main game? I think he does based off what I know…so now I’m at a loss as to where his model could be.

Here’s Klavier (.3DS format).

The tex2png that was linked previously didn’t work on the gbatemp .tex files, so I’m assuming it won’t work on these .tex files. Just in case anyone wants to test that, I’ll upload Klavier’s .tex files (his .mod and .mrl are here too).

YES. THANK YOU… IT’S PERFECT :smiley: Well, aside from the lack of textures xP

and yeah, Miles is in the Dual destinies main game.

I don’t think it works with the 3ds .tex files but I do know it works with the iOS .tex files. Is there anyway you can get say, Klaviers .tex files from the iOS version and use them on the 3DS model?

As of now, no. I asked someone about the iOS .arc files and was told that they’re encrypted with Blowfish. I looked that up since I’m not a programmer and don’t know much about cryptography, and basically the answer to Blowfish encryption (at least for someone like me) is “can’t crack it”.

Ah, alright. Well, we’re much closer atleast. We just need to crack the .tex files on the 3ds, or the iOS files. Let us know what other models you find too!