AcedServers [#1] - Chase

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Looks cool. Will try it out soon.

Can I actually state, this is a beasting server, so awesome!

~That Awesome Guy

Interesting, I’ll be sure to try it out =D

to bad not so many people on :frowning:

We were just released I’m getting on right now!

This is very fun just needs people

We get about 4-6 people randomly. On a good day around ten. We are hopibg ti grow with custom maps in the futur

We are also looking for dedicated coders who can code small but useful things to the server. Bigger projects may also offer pay. Let me know!**

SteamName - Aced224

Yay, it’s back up :slight_smile:
I love this server!!

Great servers! I’ll be hopping on.

Looks really good, but no ones playing. :sigh:

I’m getting on right now, I have to admit with a fair amount of players this game gets suspensful =]

Hey Aced I think Chase is my second favorite gamemode (besides DarkRP)

Come and join this guys, its really fun. :buddy:

This gamemode is going great!
Join in and have some fun!
It’s brand new and Fretta-based, but it’s a gamemode that uses the “CRAP YOUR PANTS” element.

Yeah Aced and I tested the server just an hour ago and everything looks great!

This is the new official AcedServers account!

Everything is going great! Store is finishing up and we are getting a few custom maps!

We now have a custom map! Map name: chase_frenzy

Be sure to join!

Game Mode is very very fun. We need people to get it populated