AcePajace Team Beta Testers

Welcome wanted me to ask for sending 3 beta key for my group.
They wanted us to spread the game and to record our progress we are friendly to surroundings:) I and my Friends wanted in order to so that the game wins like the greatest popularity. Apparently that already in alone alpha tests is being torn apart:). Here much to say wanted us to describe the game in like the best colours.
If only you will give consent:) is thanking in advance for the devoted time for my fast we are greeting AcePajace Team:) POLISH Team

Please for a prompt reply.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread" - postal))

Hf getting banned with this begging.
And why is it that polish people speak so crappy english?

Maybe because it’s not their native language

*such crappy English?
Don’t be a hypocrite.

He probably used Google Translate. As long as it’s readable it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sory for my weeak post. My wreating is weak but ist not problem beacuse all understand me right :slight_smile:

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and i dont begging i say if this is posible !!

Was i the only one to read this in the voice of Niko Bellic? I am sorry it just felt so right. :stuck_out_tongue:

To Gettaxxx:

Małe prawdopodobieństwo jest że dostaniecie Beta Key’s dla waszej grupy, no ale cóż… życzę powodzenia.

Every one:

Maybe he used the Google Translate? But who cares about it, when first time I come to England every listen I asking teachers to translate to me something… and I’ll agree with Xombi cuz is felt, like Niko Belic voice/writing whatover!