Ace's Red Dead Redemption Replicas

This is a pack of Red Dead Redemption Stuff i made, as replicas.
i have some props of hats and weapons i made, and a High Power Pistol i modeled, to look like the one from RDR.
[I have my Personal Skin versions in here too. I made them first ]

All of these are Valve Rigged.
All of these models have Bodygroups.
Group 1 = hats
Group 2 = Bandanas
Group 3 = Bandoliers
Group 4 = Guns in Holsters

I made these a while ago but wasn’t finished with the pack, but i lost all my work files so i decided to release this now. One of the models The US Army Uniform one, isn’t finished. (not in the pictures)

Holy sweet jesus. These look awesome!

Here, have some internets, you earned them.

can you clearfy if is all the citizens were made with these clothes? male_01-male_09

I think it’s just male_09.

its just the GUys in the first picture. Because i made them to look like john and jack marston. And the male 4 guys in the last picture. Those are my personal skin versions of these

its amazing anyway. i use male_04 as skin too. maybe i can modify yours and make like mine.
nice porting ace.

Sweet! Very nice job!

thanks, but, please dont reskin this and use it as your skin. I worked hard on this model. Took alot of model hacking and time

but ill use it by my own. wont going to upload anywhere like saying i did it. i know how frustrating is making a work and someone else upload it and have more views/famous. if it annoy you too much i wont do it

Will you upload pictures of it? because if not then im fine with it bro.

A Perskin is like a building a cabin or getting one made for you. When you make it, it’s supposed to reflect you, and you’ll love and cherish it for a long time.

Unless you’re Jacknife or Half-Dead, in which case you’ve bought a lot of real-estate.

There are no words truer than these. Good man

nope. i just create comics which i share only with a friend. if you want to see one ill pm you =p.
dont worry, ill wont show it to anyone.

so these aren’t the real models? crap

damn shame source sucks for hair, but very nice man. Great job, i shall be using these

i am amazed how half life citizens fits on almost everything like starship soldiers star trek crew,medieval knights etc.

WOW. why does it show that i was using Windows XP or something and Opera as my Browser when i made this thread?

Awesome models.

Are you still working on the Army Soldiers? :slight_smile:

Thats just awesome!