ACF and smartsnap

They break each other.
Basically, smartsnap is SUPER inprecise, literally teleporting my mouse somewhere
else when I shoot.

Anyone who uses both will know what i’m talking about.

2 questions: Is this fixable? I want both of em :
If not, any alternatives to smartsnap?

I use both and have no clue what your talking about

I think I know what he is talking about, maybe.

Basically, while using Smartsnap, while pressing E, if you move your mouse while “snapped” and then press Mouse2 to do whatever, you’ll end up hitting somewhere else despite still being snapped. It’s a bug that popped up during GMod 11(or possibly earlier, not quite sure) and the guy who made it never fixed it.

No idea why he mentioned ACF in the framework, the SVN for Armored Combat Framework is a Google search away.