ACF Ballistics

I’ve wanted to get into some trajectory projects with ACF for a while, but I’m not sure where to find the formulas that detail projectile physics. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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A long time ago I pulled out my TI-84 and started finding quadratic approximations to trajectories at different distances. I looked at the script itself but couldn’t make heads or tails of it; I’m terrible at reading other people’s coding. I started out figuring out where a bullet would land given a target distance in a vacuum, lined up the predicted impact marker with the target, and figured the difference.

ACF-master > lua > ACF > Server > sv_ACFBallistics.lua contains the calculation for trajectory - but it does it tick by tick rather than something you could graph.

Thanks - I found the important stuff (if someone comes to this thread needing the same thing, PM me and I’ll put it up).

2nd question: The ACF GUI gives muzzle velocities in m/s. Throughout the lua it seems that the velocity vector is in m/s. Is this scaled to gmod units (units / tick) in game, or is it passed with no scaling? i.e. a certain gun has a muzzle velocity of 500 m/s. In game does this turn into 500 units / tick or is it converted using (m/s) (1 s / 66 ticks) (52.493 gmod units / 1 m). - from my understanding a gmod unit is equivalent to .75 in.